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Here at Biscuit Bar we want to put a delicious biscuit in everyone’s hand.  

A while back we noticed the lack of “on the go” breakfast options around town.  For commuters who need quick, easy options to grab on the way to work, or later risers looking for a place to snag a tasty bite to get through day, Biscuit Bar can fill the void.  Our biscuits are baked fresh daily to ensure that every breakfast sandwich or skillet we serve is anchored by delicious, flaky buttermilk biscuit goodness.  And while the biscuits are super groovy, what we put in them is equally important.  So whether it is a somewhat traditional breakfast sandwich with freshly cooked egg and your favorite breakfast meat or cheese, or one of the specialty sandwiches pairing our house braised pulled pork, fried chicken breast, or yummy portobello and spinach with a sturdy biscuit base, we’ve got you covered.

Need a little boost in the morning?  Biscuit Bar has Iced Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew, in addition to a delicious Hot “Toddy” Coffee.  We cold extract our in-house blend of Hot Box Roasters coffee beans for 24 hours to deliver a delicious and balanced cup of joe on the go.  Low on bitterness, our coffee doesn’t need loads of cream and sugar to go down super smooth and easy.  No bitter bean face!

The owners of Biscuit Bar first began serving the Louisville Community in 2013 when we opened Mudrock’s Tap and Tavern in The Village Square Shopping Center on South Boulder Rd.  Biscuit Bar, like Mudrock’s, is a true locals place.  We are proud to bring Louisville comfortable options in an inclusive environment.  Not Too Fancy, we like to say. As a matter of fact, Mudrock’s serves the delicious Biscuit Bar menu on weekends until 2pm.  So if you would prefer to enjoy our biscuits and skillets with full service  instead of ordering at the counter, come on in!

So stop in sometime.  We would truly appreciate it.

And don’t forget to “Git Yer Biscuits!!”


Charlie, Mark and Kevin
Biscuit Bar owners